Configuring and Testing an External Monitor

In follow-up to my post on Monitoring Access Policy Manager this post will walk you through how to assign the monitor to a GTM pool and simulate a down status to ensure GTM is configured correctly. If you do not know how to import the external monitor into GTM please reference SOL13423.

Someone asked what my external monitor configuration looked like (which is pretty basic) so I’ve included a screenshot below.

Example monitor for APM
Example monitor for APM

To add the external monitor to an existing GTM pool navigate to DNS -> GSLB -> Pools and select the application pool you’re looking to monitor. Under the Configuration tab move the apm_monitor from Available to Active. If you refresh the page after a few seconds you should see the Availability go green.

Adding monitor to GTM pool.
Adding monitor to GTM pool.

To simulate a down status you can update the external monitor to look for F6 versus F5.

  1. Navigate to System -> File Management -> External Monitor Program File List and select your APM monitor.
  2. Scroll towards the bottom and change the string “This product is licensed from F5 Networks” to “This product is licensed from F6 Networks”.
  3. Navigate to DNS -> GSLB -> Pools
  4. Verify that your APM pool is now red
Shows a GTM Pool as down
Shows a GTM Pool as down

Be sure to run through steps 1 through 4 again and set the monitor back to F5 otherwise the application will not work 🙂

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